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Importing Indicators into TolaData

When using the template to bulk import indicators into TolaData:

  • For each indicator, fill one line.
  • There are four required fields for each indicator and they are highlighted in orange. Those must be filled for each indicator, otherwise the import will fail. Other fields can remain empty.
  • Several fields use a drop-down menu. Only values from these menus can be read by our system.
  • Once you’ve filled the template, simply save it in ‘XLSX’ format and upload it to TolaData from your machine.
  • To ensure the template will upload, it must be in the exact format specified, in particular:
    • Do not edit the header row or change the order of columns of the template sheet.
    • Do not add any text outside of an indicator line, otherwise the import will fail.
    • Make sure to save the template in XLSX format.

Hints regarding specific fields:

  • Indicator name: this field has a character limit of 255 characters.
  • Expected direction: most indicators have an increasing direction (ie you are trying to increase towards your target) which is our default value.
  • Target value and baseline value: please only enter numbers into this field. If you specify a percentage indicator, please add a percentage sign (i.e. ‘90%’ instead of ‘90’).
  • Baseline date: this field accepts dates in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer support via the live chat function.

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