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Embedding a Dashboard Into Your Website

You can easily embed a TolaData dashboard into your website – for an example of how this could look like, please scroll to the bottom of this page. To embed a dashboard, please follow these steps:

First, you need to obtain a public link to your dashboard (if you have already done so, you can skip steps 1-5):
1) Within TolaData, navigate to the dashboard that you want to embed

2) Click on the sharing symbol (three dots)

3) In the modal that opens up, activate “Allow access via link”

4) Click on “Copy link”

5) Click on “Save share options”

6) Next, you need to insert the public link into the following HTML code
<iframe src="PASTE_YOUR_LINK_HERE"></iframe>

Example code:
<iframe src="https://toladata.io/dashboards/public/b30c3fa6-32a9-4d5e-841d-8cf85d906897/15v6-057ba175c7601f60bfbb"></iframe>

7) Paste this HTML snippet into your website’s code or where ever else you may want to include your dashboard.


Optionally, you can use CSS to style the iframe embedding your dashboard. For example, you could set its width , height and border-style.

Example code:
<iframe src="https://toladata.io/dashboards/public/b30c3fa6-32a9-4d5e-841d-8cf85d906897/15v6-057ba175c7601f60bfbb" style="width: 100%; height: 900px; border-style:none"></iframe>

Running this code creates the following example:

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