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Admin console settings

What can you do in the Admin Console?

Admin Console is only accessible to the Org Admin and allows for settings configurations. There are two sections in the console – ‘Configuration,’ and ‘Users.’

Under the ‘Users’ tab, the Org Admin can invite new users to join the organisation’s account and also deactivate users.

Under the ‘Configuration’ tab, the Org Admin can customise drop-down menus, add new field labels, categories and other elements that users will see across the application.
Let us walk through each category that appears under the ‘Configuration’ section to understand them better.

Workflow levels – In this section, you can determine the names of your workflow levels. By default, we provide:

  • Workflow level 1 – Project
  • Workflow level 2 – Activity
  • Workflow level 3 – Task

You can change your workflow level names under the ‘Configuration’ tab anytime or update them when necessary. For eg., if your organisation refers to the first workflow as ‘Grant’ then you can change the settings accordingly.

Default configurations – Configure the formats for currency, dates and numbers according to your organisation’s requirements.

Approval type – Need approvals from donor, stakeholder or org managers? This field exists exactly for that purpose. It helps you keep track of all those important approvals that are imperative to move forward.

Offices – Set up a list of all your field offices and link them to your program sites. This functionality can be especially useful for large organisations, with many field offices responsible for implementing programs in numerous locations.
Reporting frequencies – How often do you plan to report on your indicators? Define all possible reporting frequencies here for each indicator.

Site types – Sometimes you might want to assign your sites to predefined types. Define them here and let users select the matching ones while adding or editing sites.

Stakeholder types – Working with different types of stakeholders? Add those types here and assign them to individuals and organisations you collaborate within your programs and projects.

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