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Adding widgets to your dashboard

Once you are on your new dashboard, click on ‘Add new widget’ tab on the right-hand side. A widget creator pop up window will appear where you can add ‘Text & Image’ and ‘Indicator data.’ Within the ‘Text & Image’ section, you can specify a ‘Widget title,’ ‘Widget Description’ and add images to the widget. This is a good space to add your project details and photos.

Within the ‘Indicator data’ section, you can add ‘Charts’, ‘Data source’ and ‘Widget information.’ Under the ‘Data source’ section, you can add the name of the program and the indicators you would like to display on your dashboard. You can also add disaggregation type to your indicators and finish off with a ‘Widget title,’ and a ‘Note on Widget.’

There is no limit on how many widgets you can add to a dashboard. Add as many as you want to meet your project requirements.

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