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Formatting Data Sources for Import

Some notes on how to format your data before importing:

  • The structure of different tables that collect the same data should be uniform
  • First line contains (only) the column headers / “headings”
  • No text in number columns, otherwise it cannot be read. Remember this slogan: “You can’t count on text!”
  • Comments, if necessary, must go in a separate column
  • Ensure uniform number formatting: don’t switch between  “xx.xxx,xx” (DE, FR, NL format) and “xx,xxx,.xx”
  • No aggregation formulas in the bottom line (or delete them after the import), otherwise there is a risk that values will be read twice
  • Before saving, check whether the table has been imported correctly; If necessary, clean up the original file and import it again.

For further information on how to get your data set ready for analysis, check out our blog article.

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