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About indicator management

Indicator management and tracking is the heart and soul of TolaData. We support every step of indicator workflow from beginning till end, while giving you the flexibility to adapt it to your program’s specific needs. Indicators help you assess change and determine whether your interventions and approaches are putting you in the right track towards achieving your intended outcomes and outputs. So, let’s get started!

Here’s our quick tip for building an effective indicator workflow – once you are past the initial steps of adding program details and activities to TolaData, continue by setting up a results framework for your program. Next, add the numeric and percentage indicators you want to start tracking. Collect data either with our own data collection tool or pull it in from a source of your choice. Finally, review your indicator results in your own custom dashboard for a complete indicator workflow. Your dashboard updates itself as new data comes in.

Let us define each element of the workflow to understand the process better!

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