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Get the most out of your raw dataset

Your all in one solution for data collection, management and analysis

Your data is one of the most crucial elements in your project. High-quality data is the crux for decision-making and accountability.  But sorting through a gazillion spreadsheets and files to track down records and latest project updates could be quite overwhelming and time consuming.

That’s why we created a digital platform that allows for easy data collection, consolidation and analysis, all under one roof, so that you can make the most out of your collected data and enhance your project impact.

Form library to build and store custom forms

  • Build new forms and store them: Access our form library to create new data collection forms and store all your existing ones.
  • Create templates and reuse them: In case, you want to reuse a form, then you can simply make a copy of it, or you could turn it into a template and use it for multiple projects across the platform.
  • Edit forms and share them: You wish to access and edit a particular form? No problem! All forms in the form library are easily accessible, editable and shareable.

Data tables to connect and import data

  • Import and access data: Check out our data tables section to import data from a machine readable source. TolaData is compatible with most data collection platforms.
  • Organize and clean data: Data tables display a comprehensive list of all your data collected for a specific program till date - those collected using TolaData forms, as well as the ones imported from external sources. Also, this is where you would go to organise and clean your data to prepare it for analysis.
  • Link data to your indicators: Data tables are also your gateway to indicator tracking. Store your data here in order to link it to your indicators to monitor your actual results vs. targets and determine your project performance.

Enjoy full access to your data library and data tables

Review your data at any time. Make sure that your records have been collected and imported in an orderly manner.

If not, then don’t worry! The system is built for flexibility, it will only take a few clicks to make the necessary changes before you proceed with data analysis.

What if your data changes at the source? You can easily re-import the same data into your TolaData account through your Data Tables.

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