iati publishing and reporting made easy

IATI publishing and reporting made easy

With TolaData’s data collection and results management features together with D4D’s Spreadsheets2IATI converter tool and IATI training support, preparing and publishing quality data as per the IATI Standard is now a hassle-free process.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative, commonly known as IATI is a global initiative that’s gained quite a momentum since its establishment in 2008. IATI makes information about project activities accessible to all via its open data standard, ensuring transparency in how resources flow to the beneficiaries that need them most and what results are achieved with the projects. With an increasing number of donors requiring IATI publishing as part of their funding requirements, and with the aim to improve coordination and effectiveness of aid, many more NGOs across the globe are looking for streamlined and efficient ways to deliver IATI reporting.  

That’s where TolaData and Data4Development come in. Using our IATI tools and training support, you can combine your results data with all other necessary project and financial data to produce one fully compliant and  high-quality IATI dataset – validated and published on the IATI Registry.

Demonstrate your transparency and accountability

We help you publish information about your organisation’s activities and results using the IATI Standard so that you can be transparent on how your donor funding flows into your projects from the initial commitment to final delivery. In doing so, you improve coordination and effectiveness of your interventions.


Save time, money and prevent errors with Integrated IATI publishing

With the IATI specific features built into TolaData and the IATI reporting tools and training support from D4D, you can easily combine your results and financial data and convert it into a fully compliant IATI (XML) dataset, validated and published on the IATI registry – saving you time, money and helping you prevent errors.

Streamline your compliance with donor requirements

Enjoy full compliance with IATI reporting, delivered directly from TolaData together with D4D’s expertise on IATI. We provide high-quality validated reports for your organisation and we even publish them each quarter to the IATI Registry for you, without the need for manual number crunching and data consolidation on your end.


Continuously use and improve your data

By publishing your data to IATI, information about your activities, finances, results, locations, documents, and other project-related details are made available in one common format, under one roof, ready to be accessed, utilized, and improved at all times. Plus, by doing so, you help meet the demands of a wide range of stakeholders in international development for good quality and useful data.

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