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IATI Fields and Key Terminologies

No matter where your organisation is in your IATI journey,  with our IATI reporting feature you can start publishing and reporting your data to IATI right away. Here are some key IATI fields and their descriptions for your reference.

Project level fields

IATI Fields: Project level
Field nameExplanationCodelist
IATI Parent Activity IDIATI Activity identifier (unique activity ID) of the ‘parent project’.
E.g. the programme level activity is the parent, and the project level activities are the children.
LanguageStandard language used for descriptions, indicator titles, annual reports etc.Language
CurrencyStandard currency used for all transactions and budgetsCurrency
Default finance typeThe type of finance (e.g. grant, loan, debt relief, etc involved in this project). 
Most common type for non-profits: Standard grant
Finance type
Default aid typeThe type of aid being supplied (project-type intervention, budget support, debt relief, etc.). 
Most common type for non-profits: Project-type interventions
Aid type
Collaboration typeThe type of collaboration involved in the activity’s financial disbursements, e.g. “bilateral” or “multilateral”.
Most common type for non-profits:Bilateral
Collaboration type
Default flow typeWhether the activity is funded by Official Development Assistance (ODA), Other Official Flows (OOF), etc
Most common type for non-profits:Private Development Finance
Flow type
Default tied statusWhether the aid is untied, tied, or partially tied, e.g. to a specific country, project or activity. Tied status
Include in IATI export (yes/no)Possibility to exclude the entire project from the IATI publication e.g. due to safety policies. If no is selected this project will not be included in the IATI export files.n/a
Field nameExplanationCodelist
OECD DAC Sectors
Sector codeThe sector(s) which this project is operational (the purpose of the activities) (corresponds to OECD DAC codes)Dac 5 Digit Sector
Sector budgetThe percentage of the budget spent on each selected sector (must add up to 100%)n/a
Policy markerA policy or theme addressed by the activity (corresponds to OECD DAC codes)Policy marker
Policy significanceIndication of the significance of the policy marker for this activityPolicy significance

Project details

IATI Fields: Project details
Field nameExplanationCodelist
NameName/ title of your projectn/a
StatusLifecycle stage of your projectActivity status
Start dateStart date of your projectn/a
End dateThe end date of your project
Can be planned end date at first and later change to actual end date
Project ID codeYour own code or short key for the project
will be added to your Organisations’ IATI identifier to create a unique identifier code for this project
CountriesThe countries your project operates inCountry
DescriptionBrief overall description of your project
May contain objectives, target groups and additional background information but preference to keep the text short and add additional narrative information as background documents

Project sites

IATI Fields: Project sites
Field NameExplanationCodelist
Site nameYour name for the site for this project (use one unique location name within each projects)n/a
Set up in the Admin Console
Specifies the type of site where the project takes place.Location type
CountrySelect a location from the drop-down list. This automatically provides a longitude & latitude for that country.IATI countries list

Project stakeholders

IATI Fields: Project stakeholders
Stakeholder nameName of the stakeholder organisationn/a
Stakeholder ID codeIATI Organisation Identifier of the stakeholder
Only available if they themselves are registered as a publisher
RoleThe role this stakeholder plays in the project
NB: also possible to add yourself as an accountable or implementing stakeholder
Organisation Role
TypeThe organisation type of the stakeholder
Common types are: – Government / International NGO / National NGO
Organisation Type

Project indicators and results framework

IATI Fields: Results Framework level

Project > Indicators > Results Framework > Add new

Field nameExplanationCodelist
NameName/ title of your resultn/a
Result typeLevel of your result
I.e. output (1), outcome (2), impact (3), other (9)
Result type
Aggregation status (yes/no)Is it technically possible to aggregate your results
for numerical values = yes, for percentage/ qualitative values = no)

Admin console

 IATI Fields: Admin console

Admin Console > Organisation Details

Field nameExplanationCodelist
Organisation ID codeThe unique IATI Identifier code for your organisation which is approved by the IATI Secretariat
Confirmation of the code is received after registering as a publisher
Contact info typePurpose of contacting your regarding IATI
Most common : General enquiries
Contact type
Contact info organisationOrganisation namen/a
Contact emailEmail address for enquiries about your published data
Advised to use a general email address such as info@organisation or iati@organisation
Contact websiteWebsite of your organisationn/a
Contact mailing addressPhysical location of your organisationn/a

Admin Console > Organisation Details : IATI Exports

Export nameExplanation
ProjectsAll general information about your project 
including status, dates, project description, default values and contact info
Countries and RegionsCountries and regions your projects are being implemented
LocationProject sites
Participating OrgsStakeholders involved in the project and their roles
ResultsYour project targets, indicators and results values
SectorsSectors your project operates in
Policy MarkersPolicies your project operates in

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