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Importing Activities into TolaData

With the bulk import feature, users have the ability to import multiple activity units into the activity section at once.

Navigate to the ‘Activity’ tab of your project and select the ‘Add new Activity’ button.

A drop-down will appear, select the ‘Bulk import Activity from Excel Template’ option

A pop up will appear prompting you to download an Excel template for your activity import

Fill in the template with your desired activities. Keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Each row represents either a single Activity, Task or Sub-task.  Ensure that all the information pertaining to each element is included only on their dedicated row.
  • There are three types of required fields which are highlighted in orange in the template. Only one of these fields ought to be filled out per row. These are the Activity (1st level) Name, Task (2nd level) Name, and Sub-Task (3rd level) Name. For each row, only one of these columns must be filled in order for a successful import. The following screenshot demonstrates how the excel sheet should look with only one item per row.
  • Items placed in Column B, ‘Task (2nd level) Name’, will be imported in connection with the preceding Item in Column A, ‘Activity (1st level) Name’. Similarly, Items placed in Column C, ‘Sub-Task (3rd level) Name’, will be imported in connection with the preceding Item in Column B, ‘Task (2nd level) Name’. The following screenshot demonstrates how the indicator template looks once imported. 
  • Several fields use a drop-down menu. Only values from these menus can be read by our system. These include the columns ‘Progress’, Status’ and ‘Milestone’. If an activity item is marked as a milestone, the end date or deadline for the milestone but be entered in the ‘Check do not fill’ colmun .
  • The date should be entered as guided in the column header with the following format: YYYY-MM-DD. 
  • Once you’ve filled the template, simply save it in ‘XLSX’ format

To ensure the template will upload, it must be in the exact format specified:

  • Do not edit the header row or change the order of columns of the template sheet.
  • Do not add any text outside of an indicator line, otherwise the import will fail.
  • Make sure to save the template in XLSX format.

To upload, click the ‘import indicators in bulk’ icon and this time select ‘Choose File’. Locate your prepared bulk import template and click ‘Import’.

Once imported, activities can be reordered by dragging and dropping. Additional information such as budget data, documentation and assigning staff members responsible for an activity can be added after uploading. To find out more information about the activity section, read this guide

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