Simplify the way you monitor and evaluate your projects

Enabling organisations to create positive impact

Collect your data

  • Mobile surveys
  • Webforms

Manage your data

  • Import data from any source
  • Organise and store data

Track your progress

  • Monitor results vs. targets
  • Informed decision making

Visualise and share results

  • Create and share dashboards
  • Remote monitoring

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Collect real-time
data with ease

  • Create custom forms
  • Gather data
  • Reuse standard forms
  • Access data remotely

Connect and organise
data for timely analysis

  • Import bulk data
  • Integrate mobile data
  • Clean and merge data
  • Publish data via API

Our comprehensive software simplifies the process of M&E to maximize project impacts and support organisations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Affordable and easy to use

Our software is built to fit any programme, any budget and all individuals, regardless of your level of expertise in M&E. Built with a design approach that recognizes the need for flexibility, our system is user-friendly and adaptable to your specific requirements.

A collaborative working space

We offer a collective space for all team members and partners situated across the globe. Members can connect and share inputs, enjoy quick overviews of the latest program results and accurate data in real time to make informed decisions.

Easy data collection and consolidation

Collect real-time data with ease using in-built standard and custom forms. Plus, enjoy automated import from any machine readable, online or offline data source. All your data is readily accessible and shareable at any stage of the project cycle.

End-to-end indicator management

You can track the programme’s progress with full clarity from data collection in the field to reporting results, all under one roof. Make use of our versatile tools to create a results framework, build indicator plan and outline how activities can achieve program objectives.

Ensure 100% transparency

We enable users to have full visibility of program information and status throughout the complete project cycle. The possibility to access, manage and track project details anytime and all under one roof guarantees transparency to deliver evidence-based reporting.

Seamless reporting and sharing

Create workable custom reports using our configurable dashboards with your most up-to- date program information to share with partners and stakeholders. Visualise data for more impact with graphics, charts and maps to display your project sites, progress, budget and more.

Learn and benefit from our
system through standardised formsremote monitoringdata-informed decisions

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