Simplify the way you manage and track your projects

Enabling organisations to create positive impact

Collect your data

  • Mobile surveys
  • Webforms

Manage your data

  • Import data from any source
  • Organise and store data

Track your progress

  • Monitor results vs. targets
  • Informed decision making

Visualise and share results

  • Create and share dashboards
  • Remote monitoring

All your data and workflows under one roof

Managing activities and tracking results just became a whole lot easier.

Connecting and managing your data is all within your control.

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Set and Track Budgets


Your all-in-one project
management tool

Set and Track Budgets

Design programs
Monitor activities
Set targets and track progress
Visualise location data
Collaborate with partners
Map stakeholders
Share results

Design programs

Create a results framework and add indicators at each level to outline how your program goals and objectives can be achieved through your activities and output.

Monitor activities

Display your program information in easy-to-read graphics or Gantt charts and track the status of activities including deadlines and budgets.

Set targets and track progress

Enter targets for your indicators, track their progress as data is collected and visualise their status in dashboards and graphs.

Visualise location data

Map your project sites and plot all the locations where data has been collected for your program.

Collaborate with partners

Share data collection forms with partners and invite them to view or edit programs which they are contributing to.

Map stakeholders

Capture details of all the stakeholders for your programs and link them to the activities they are related to.

Share results

Share program reports and dashboards with partners, donors and other stakeholders.

Connect   Activity with   Track
or to any other existing solution via an API


Your data processing powerhouse

Collect real-time
data with ease

  • Create custom forms
  • Gather data offline
  • Reuse standard forms
  • Access data remotely

Connect and organise
data for timely analysis

  • Import bulk data
  • Integrate mobile data
  • Clean and merge data
  • Publish data via API

Connect TolaData to existing solutions via an API

ODK, Ona, Kobo Toolbox, CommCare, SurveyCTO

Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box

Jupyter Notebook, R, Stata, Tableau

PowerBi, Einstein Analytics, Kibana

JSON Feed, CSV, Google Spreadsheet




A dynamic duo that works hand-in-hand

Learn and benefit from our
system through standardised formsindicator suggestionsremote monitoringcost-benefit analysisdata-informed decisions

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