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Managing Approvals

With the approvals section, you can stay on top of all the approvals required for your projects with an auditable trail of assigned approval tasks and the date and outcome of the decision.  You can watch a tutorial video about the approvals section here

Select the name of the activity you would like to add an approval to. 

Once inside the activity, add the approvals tab to the activity by selecting the green ‘+’ button 

After adding the approval tab to your activity, you can now add the approval itself by selecting the ‘Add approval’ button.

Begin by selecting an approval type. Note that this is set by the Org Admin of the account. Next, assign the approval to a team member by selecting their name from the dropdown. Any additional information related to the approval type can be listed in the approval note. 

After selecting save, a notification of the approval will be sent to the assigned user via email. They will then be able to accept or reject the approval. A list of the status of all approvals can be found on the activity workflow by selecting the approvals tab. 

Once opened, all approvals and their status of the decision will be listed. 

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