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Aggregated Indicators

When you create a new project indicator, you have the option to select a checkbox to make it an aggregating indicator. This means that this indicator will combine results in real-time from contributing indicators that you link from within that project or from other projects.

To ensure you have control over who can access data, projects must be shared with the lead project in which you want aggregate results. This can be done by clicking the name of your project, then selecting the ‘Sharing’ tab. Click ‘Share data with another project’ to select which project you want to share it with. Only indicators from a project that has been shared with the lead project can be linked as contributing indicators.

To add contributing indicators to an aggregating indicator, first click the name of your indicator. Next, click the ‘contributing indicators’ tab and the green ‘Add indicators’ button.

Use the drop-down lists to select the project from which you want to take indicators, and the indicators you want to aggregate. Finally, click ‘add indicators to list’ and then ‘Save’.

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