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Manage team members

The Org Admin has access to all the programs in the organisation’s account and the ability to add members to different programs and set or change their roles. A user can also be granted ‘Program Admin’ status for a program. This means s/he can also assign or change other members’ roles, but only within that specific program.

Once a member is added to a program, his/her role can be defined by clicking on the ‘Team’ tab. Here, you will see the list of all the members added to that particular program. Next, under ‘Role’, click on the drop-down menu and select a user role – ‘Program Admin,’ ‘Program Team’ or ‘View Only.’

Permission levels in TolaData

There are three types of user roles in the system:

  • Program Admin – Has both admin and edit rights
  • Program Team – Has Edit rights but no admin rights
  • View Only – Can only view the specific program’s details
OperationProgram AdminProgram TeamView Only
Add/edit team
Create program
Edit program
Delete program
Add/edit activity
Add/edit results framework
Delete elements of results framework
Add/edit indicator
Delete indicator
Add/edit collected data
Delete collected data
Create dashboards
View program
View results framework
View activities
View indicator
View collected data
View dashboards

Add team members

Managing team members on TolaData

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