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Importing Data From Kobo Toolbox

KoBo Toolbox Overview

KoBoToolbox (https://www.kobotoolbox.org/) is a free mobile data collection tool that was specifically designed for NGOs.

The tool originated at Harvard University’s Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI), and is now a joint initiative between HHI, UN OCHA, and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

An introduction to the tool can be found here


  • Form Builder with more than 20 different types of questions available, ability to add skip logic and validation, question library that allows users to reuse existing questions.
  • Option to import and export XLSforms, CSV files, Media attachments, KPL (for GPS points), Excel Analyser and SPSS labels.
  • Online and offline data collection.
  • Data can be entered through the KoboToolbox web-interface or synced from a mobile app (KoBoCollect) that is available for Android devices (but not iPhones).
  • Some basic data analysis and visualization features.
  • User access control which prevents users from accessing forms and data unless they are granted permission. 


  • KoBoToolbox is an open-source ODK-based mobile data collection tool. The open-source license is copyleft.
  • Can be hosted free-of-charge by an organization on its own servers or you can create a free account on one of two publicly available instances of KoBoToolbox.
    • KoboToolbox’s publicly available servers are located in the EU and US, depending on which service you sign up for. 

Additional features

  • It is possible to integrate HXL hashtags into KoBo forms. 
  • KoBoToolbox integrates with the form deployment tool Enketo, which is also open-source and ODK-based. 

Using KoBoToolbox with TolaData

Integration with TolaData

  • Import collected data from KoBoToolbox directly into TolaData’s Data Tables via API
  • API tokens are stored separately for each user, rather than for each project, so that TolaData can connect to several different KoBo-Toolbox accounts for the same organisation unit at the same time.
  • Firstly, navigate to the data tables section and select ‘import table’. A range of options will appear in the drop-down menu, select ‘Kobo Toolbox’.
  • After selecting Kobo Toolbox from the drop-down menu, the pop up shown below will prompt you to log in to your Kobo account. Once you have done so select the succeeding link.
  • This link will bring you to a new tab which will contain your KoBo token.
  • Copy and paste this code into the token box.
  • Next, the platform will ask you to select the table you would like to use from KoBo.
  • Once you have selected your desired table TolaData will import the data table, allowing you to easily add this data to your indicators.
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