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2024 – TolaData Release Notes

18 April 2024 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:
  • Added a new feature to allow users to group workspaces by their ‘Cost unit’ and relevant ‘Topic’. Org Admin users can define these categories within the ‘Admin Console’ section of their account. These categories have also been included among the filters available on the ‘Workspace’ level to enable users to access them more efficiently. 
  • Aesthetic improvement made within the comment and reply windows, in the ‘Discussion’ feature part of the app, to prevent the occurrence of a double scrollbar. 
  • A fix was deployed to an importation glitch, in the preview phase of importation, that caused certain ‘Integer’ columns to be read as ‘Text’ when there were no values in the first row of the dataset.

08 April 2024 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:
  • Added new ‘Activities Bulk Import Template’ to facilitate the fast importation of a projects activity plan. This template includes columns to allow users to define their Activity, Task & Subtask name and hierarchy as well as additional supplementary information such as their timeline, Progress, and status as a Milestone etc. 
  • Configuration enhancement made to line graph charts within the ‘Dashboard’ section to allow users to choose the type of Y-axis they would prefer. A new check box was added to the line graph, found under Widget Type ‘Time-based results: % achieved over time’,  which asks users if they would like the Y-axis of their line graph to start at ‘0’ rather than the graphs default setting to start from number which reflects the first percentage value achieved by the indicator.
  • Aesthetic fix deployed to ensure that ‘Disaggregation column values’ display when users review Collected Data entries. 
  • Amended a typo found in the display of standard reporting periods, under the ‘Reporting Periods’ tab, which had incorrectly stated the start date of the fourth quarter of the quarterly reporting period. 
  • Fixed an error that prevented the download of the ‘Countries of operation’ and ‘Stakeholders’ export files within the ‘Admin Console’.
  • Fixed instances in the app where the user’s preferred language was not automatically being reflected on the UI. 

22 March 2024 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:
  • Added new enhancements to the ‘Auto-pull’ feature.
  • Enhancements made to the layout/columns/rows of the standard indicator bulk import template.
  • Fixed the display of disaggregated data that was formerly not appearing within aggregated indicators ‘Results summary’ tab.

14 March 2024 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:
  • Added new enhancements to the ‘Auto-pull’ feature.
  • Added Google branding in buttons where clients use to import from Google.
  • Fixed the display of disaggregated values when editing a collected data entry which had appeared empty.
  • Fixed format of user comments and responses to threads on the discussion feature.
  • Fixed display of unclassified data within aggregated indicators.
  • Designed a new error message to display when a user tries to login with an incorrect username/password.

06 March 2024 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:
  • Added new ‘Auto-pull’ feature enabling automated data importation.This automation allows users to configure a totally automated data flow from data collection to reporting. Users can configure form responses to feed, in real-time, to their indicator plans to update their actuals and by extension the results that are reflected on their dashboards. This feature has also been built to integrate with other 3rd party data collection tools such as Aam Digital. 
  • Aesthetic improvement made to icons to ensure that text in “Close” and “X” buttons are better aligned across the entire application.

30 January 2024 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:
  • Added a new feature to enable users to customise landing page upon login by adding the page URL to the ‘Landing Page URL’ cell in the ‘Settings’ tab of a users profile.
  • Added additional Project filters: Project ID, Start date, End date.
  • Linked the TolaData colour scheme to the auto-generated disaggregated time-based results charts within the ‘Results summary’ of both aggregated and non-aggregated indicators.
  • Developed a feature to prompt users to add disaggregated data if a disaggregation type is linked to their indicator. This feature is intended to further improve the quality of data entries. 
  • Aesthetic improvement made to the File Upload capacity bar, found in the ‘Organisation details’ tab of the ‘Admin Console’. Once the file storage capacity of an organisation reaches 80% the capacity bar will transition from a blue to a red colour.
  • Security fixes enacted.
  • Implemented a fix to ensure that when users create their results framework, that the result framework elements are immediately displayed in the indicator plan.
  • Added an automatic tooltip, within the dashboard, which is triggered if the chart that is being generated has an indicator with ‘0’ as the target value.

08 January 2024 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:
  • Added new ‘Indicator Library’ feature allowing users to define and house their common standard indicators which can be pushed and pulled into one or more workspaces in one go.
  • Refactored the process of data table importation. This refactoring allowed the importation of large datasets to continue as a background task to ensure that it imports successfully.
  • Glitch resolved which could allow users to override a past Approval decision when editing an Approval submission.

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