Our commitment to the 9 Principles for Digital Development

At TolaData, we are committed not only to implement the 9 Principles for Digital Development in our own work, but also to build systems that help other organisations align to the principles.

Design with the User

First conceived in the field, TolaData was designed and built by its users. We maintain that user focus with half our staff coming from NGO backgrounds, partnering closely with organisations during design and development, and ongoing feedback from all our users informing our product roadmap.

Understand the Existing Ecosystem

TolaData is designed to be adaptable to suit an organisation’s specific workflows with easy integration to third party systems. Our API is available and we offer advice and services to ensure effective interfaces between TolaData and the existing systems and processes of an organisation.

Design for Scale

TolaData is flexible to meet the needs of all types of programs, of any size. Our Implementation Team have experience in taking TolaData from pilot to scale across 30+ countries.

Build for Sustainability

TolaData was built as an open source initiative in order to maximize user feedback and foster software development contributions and ensure the platform stays relevant and useful for the industry.

Be Data Driven

Data-driven impact is at the heart of TolaData. Our core mission is to enable organisations to create positive impact through effective and efficient use of their data, across the full program lifecycle.

Use Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source, and Open Innovation

The core software of TolaData is open source.

Reuse and Improve

Our platform promotes adaptability and reuse through suggestions of standard indicators, project lifecycles, and form design. This allows organisations to set standards while providing the flexibility for frontline staff to adjust and adapt according to their needs.

Address Privacy & Security

We’ve applied industry-leading data security and practice across our platform and comply with all relevant legal frameworks. We ensure full security for our clients with front-end encryption and 256-bit encryption for data at rest and in transit.

Be Collaborative

The TolaData team are active participants in forums, networks and events for M&E and digital technology. We are committed to bringing the latest technology to the sector to maximise the impact organisations achieve and we recognise that that goal can only be achieved if we all work together.