TolaData for project managers

A comprehensive monitoring & evaluation toolkit for NGO project managers

Save all your reports and dashboards in one place on TolaData and scale up across regions with no limit to the number of data collectors you can add.

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Cleaner and more accurate data

We get it collating, cleaning and preparing error-free data for analysis and reporting is a time-consuming process. TolaData lightens your load, enabling you to identify outliers and erroneous data without compromising on quality and accuracy.

All your data in one place

Staying on top of paper-based and electronic files stored in different offices and computers across your organisation can be a huge administrative task. Not to mention having to track them and make sure they’re filed securely for later retrieval. Simply store your program’s data in our cloud for easy access anytime, anywhere.

Simplify how you meet reporting demands, from internal requirements to donors

Give stakeholders access to your program info directly on custom reports and dashboards without having to manually prepare them. And when it comes to producing donor reports, TolaData collates your data to have it ready for inclusion.

Establish best practices in project management and M&E

Adopt a consistent approach to setting up, planning and monitoring across all your programs with TolaData. From structured workflows to standardised forms to indicators, we’ve got it covered.

A repository you can rely on

Draw on the learnings and best practices of other programs with TolaData. Our built-in intelligent search function makes it possible for you to easily locate information from other programs as well as reuse indicators, forms, stakeholder lists, planning templates, and more.

The TolaBrief Newsletter

A monthly round-up of news and useful links on the digitisation of the sustainable development sector, from the team at TolaData

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