The TolaData Feature Focus Series is a succession of short livestreams that provides an interactive deep dive into TolaData, one feature at a time!

For our second instalment of Feature Focus, Reporting periods, disaggregation types and data sharing will be looked at with a live demonstration on how to set these up within the platform. You will also have an opportunity to ask your project related questions during this session.

February  8th, 10am CET

Catch up below on E1 Creating your first Project & stay tuned for E2 Reporting periods, disaggregation types and data sharing.

Future Feature Focus sessions will take you through the entire TolaData platform, one feature at a time. From creating a project to finalising your reporting in the dashboard section.


Whats next?

Hosting this series monthly, keep an eye out for our third episode Account Customisation where we will take a look at configuring the Admin Console and managing team member. Wednesday 1st March, 10am CET. Want to be kept up to date with future sessions?

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