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Terms of Use

These terms of use (“ToU”) apply between TolaData GmbH, a public limited company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, with its corporate seat in Berlin, Wöhlertstraße 12-13, 10115 Berlin/Germany (“TolaData”) and TolaData’s customers as entrepreneurs (section 14 BGB) in form of natural or legal person or a partnership with legal personality who or which, when entering into a legal transaction, act in exercise of their trade, business or profession (”Customer(s)“), who wish to use the software products of TolaData available through the website www.toladata.com as software-as-a-service (SaaS) toladata.io. These ToU shall also apply to related services by TolaData for the time of the term of the agreement.


  1. TolaData has developed certain software components and programs as software-as-a-service to enable users and clients within the business area of non-profit-organizations, foundations, donors, foundations, CSR or HR departments to organize their daily business as described in detail on www.toladata.com.
  2. TolaData owns the exclusive copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the Software. However, the Customer is aware, that the Software also contains open source components.
  3. Customer wishes to obtain a license from TolaData to use the Software for the term of this Agreement.
  4. TolaData and Customer agree that Customer shall be solely responsible for any (personal) data included by Customer in the Software. For details please refer to Sub-Clause 14.4 below.
  5. This Agreement sets forth the general terms and conditions under which TolaData shall grant Customer a license to use the Software.
  6. This Agreement also governs the processing of personal data carried out by the supplier in connection with the delivery, and therefore constitutes the contract (Data Processing Agreement) between the Supplier and the Customer as required under the GDPR Article 28 No. 3. The Data Processing Agreement can be downloaded here.


  1. In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

Additional License(s)” has the meaning as set forth in Sub-Clause 6.1;

Admin Account” has the meaning as set forth in Sub-Clause 3.1;

Agreement” means the agreement relating to the ToU as amended from time to time including all its annexes and schedules;

“User(s)” means the number of user accounts that the Customer is allowed to create within the Admin Account as part of the License as agreed in the License Sheet in form of paid user seats in the system

Intellectual Property Rights” means any patents, copyright, design right, trademark, service mark, logo, database right, trade secret, patent applications, rights in inventions, know-how and/or other present or future intellectual property right of any type;

License” means the license granted by TolaData to Customer according to Clause 5 hereof;

License Fee” means the fee for the License for one calendar month or one year, as applicable;

License Period” has the meaning as set forth in Sub-Clause 3.2;

Party” means either Customer or TolaData and “Parties” means Customer and TolaData together;

Privacy Policy” means the privacy policy of TolaData as set forth on the Website under


Technical Requirements” means the technical requirements the Customer must have to use

the Software as set out on the Website and in the License Sheet;

Term” means the term of this Agreement, as detailed in Sub-Clauses 3.1 and 3.2;

Website” means the website www.toladata.com and related sub-sites provided by TolaData.

  1. Irrespective of the definitions as set forth in Clause 2.1, this Agreement contains further definitions.
  2. Headings shall be ignored in interpretation.
  3. Reference to Clauses and Sub-Clauses are to those of this Agreement.
  4. Words importing gender shall include all genders; words denoting the singular shall include the plural; words denoting persons include incorporated and unincorporated bodies, and in each case vice versa.
  5. Reference to any directive, statute, statutory provision or statutory instrument includes a reference to that directive, statute, statutory provision or statutory instrument together with all rules and regulations made under them and as from time to time amended, consolidated or re-enacted.
  6. The following documents shall have the following order of priority, whereby the first document shall have the highest priority:
  1. Schedule
  2. this Agreement.


  1. The use of the Software via the Website requires the registration as well as the set-up of an account on the Website by Customer (the “Admin Account”). Customer must fill in all required fields in the sign-up sheet truthfully and completely. By clicking on the sign-up button Customer submits an offer on the conclusion of the Agreement and agrees to these ToU as well as the Privacy Policy and data processing agreement of TolaData (as applicable) each valid at the time of registration and creating an Admin Account. TolaData accepts this offer by sending the Customer an email after registration together with a confirmation link to the e-mail address Customer signed up with. TolaData declares the acceptance under the condition that Customer clicks on the activation link given in the confirmation e-mail. This link must be clicked on in order to activate the Admin Account. If the Admin Account is not activated within two (2) weeks the registration process will be stopped and all previously filled-in data will be deleted. By confirming the Admin Account this Agreement based on these ToU comes into existence. Alternatively this Agreement based on the ToU shall come into existence upon receipt of the acceptance of these ToU by Customer in writing (signed scan provided via email sufficient) by TolaData, whereas Customer shall individually accept any additional documents provided by TolaData also in writing (signed scan provided via email sufficient) and not be allowed to make any changes to these ToU and/or such additional documents. Any action by Customer in Sub-Clause 3.1 shall be made by the valid legal representative of Customer, as applicable. TolaData reserves the right to ask for proof and/or further documentation by Customer, if required.
  2. This Agreement will take effect from the date of successful registration of Customer via the Website (see Sub-Clause 3.1) or, as will take effect from the date agreed in the License Sheet, and shall last for at least one year or one month, as applicable, until terminated (the “Initial Term”). This Agreement will automatically renew for additional terms of one year or one month each, unless terminated to the end of the then current term by giving not less than three (3) months prior written notice regarding the term of at least one (1) year or one (1) month prior written notice regarding the term of at least one (1) month, as applicable (the Initial Term and a renewed term each a “License Period”).


  1. TolaData makes the Software in its current version available to Customer via the Website only.
  2. Upon a successful registration by Customer via the Website (see Sub-Clause 3.1), TolaData will send to Customer by email access information that Customer needs for the use of the Software.
  3. The Software as well as updates/upgrades shall be deemed accepted once the Customer has successfully accessed it via the respective Admin Account for the first time.


  1. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and for the duration of the License Period, TolaData grants Customer a non-exclusive license to use the Software, which non-exclusive license is hereby accepted by Customer (the “License”). The License shall be granted as non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, with no right to sub-license, worldwide limited right to use the Software. Customer is responsible for its staff’s compliance with the terms of this Agreement.
  2. The scope of the License shall be subject to and limited by the number of users purchased via www.toladata.com. In order to increase the number of users more licenses have to be obtained subject to and in accordance with Clause 6. The number of Read Only Users is unlimited.
  3. As part of the License, Customer shall be entitled to extract and copy the data within the Software. After termination of the agreement relating to this ToU, Customer might have the right for a ‘read-only’ access to the Software as set forth in Sub-Clause 16.7 below. Apart from that, Customer shall not be entitled to copy the Software in any way.
  4. If a user account of Customer is deleted, Customer may create a new user account for the respective user.
  5. The License does not include any installation, configuration or support services unless individually agreed between the Parties.
  6. Customer acknowledges that TolaData has no delivery obligation except for the obligations pursuant to Clause 4 above and will not ship copies of the Software to Customer as part of the License etc.
  7. Nothing in this Agreement has the effect of assigning or transferring any title to intellectual property rights to Customer. Customer does not acquire any right to use the Software in excess of the scope and/or duration of the License.
  8. The Customer acknowledges, that the Software might contain open source components, including but not limited to the backend of the Software. To the extent the Software includes any open source software, Customer’s license with respect to each item of the open source software will be governed exclusively by the applicable open source software license associated with the respective open source software, regardless of any other provisions of this Agreement. Without limiting the foregoing sentence, Customer recognizes that the only warranties and representations respecting the open source software are those provided in the applicable open source software license.  No provisions herein concerning infringement and indemnity shall apply to such open source software, and TolaData shall bear no responsibility or liability whatsoever related to its supply of or Customer’s use of such software. Identification of and licenses for open source software may be found in the Software, or in libraries provided with the Software, or in links provided in the software or such libraries, or on the Website, or in other documentation provided or linked to by TolaData.


  1. The Customer may subscribe for additional licenses by increasing the number of users at any time subject to and in accordance with the following (each an “Additional License”, together “Additional Licenses”) according to this Clause 6 and the price list set forth on www.toladata.com.
  2. The Customer may change the number of users through the Admin Account only.
  3. Additional Licenses will be charged per additional user as set out in the License Sheet and will increase the applicable License Fee accordingly.
  4. The Customer may increase or reduce the number of users at any time by submitting a respective request to TolaData pursuant to the terms of this Clause 6 including the updated number of users. The current License Fee shall be increased or reduced accordingly, as applicable, due to the price list set forth in the License Sheet. The amended number of users shall then apply for the following applicable License Period.
  5. Upon respective request, Customer is obliged to give TolaData information about the number of persons, who actually use the Software and are therefore considered users without hesitation. Such information shall be given at least in text form (section 126b BGB) and in good faith.
  6. For any Additional License, Clauses 5, 8, 9.3 and 18 shall apply accordingly.

  1. Upon respective request by Customer and subject to a separate agreement between Customer and TolaData within TolaData’s sole discretion, TolaData may provide supplementary services (the “Supplementary Services”).
  2. Customer shall provide any (technical or resource) requirement or information to and communicate with TolaData to the extent necessary to provide the Supplementary Services.


  1. In order to use the Software and License the Customer must check all technical details and conditions on the Website and/or the License Sheet.
  2. The Customer shall be solely responsible for the fulfillment of the Technical Requirements. TolaData does not owe and/or provide any consultancy services in connection therewith if not otherwise agreed with TolaData.
  3. Customer shall provide any information to and communicate with TolaData to the extent necessary to use the Software as agreed herein.


  1. Customer shall pay to TolaData the License Fee as set on the Website plus statutory VAT, if applicable.
  2. TolaData is entitled to adjust the License Fee, in particular to increase it. However, such changes shall only be valid for subsequent license years/months. TolaData shall notify Customer of the price increase at the latest eight (8) weeks before it becomes effective.
  3. The License Fee for each License Period (plus statutory VAT) shall be payable in advance and in full at the beginning of each License Period and due within thirty (30) days for annual License Fee and 10 (ten) days for monthly License Fee (as applicable) upon Customer’s receipt of the applicable invoice from TolaData.
  4. All payments due shall be made in Euro and, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the Parties, shall be made electronically by bank wire transfer to the banking institution, and account number provided by TolaData or via direct debit or credit card.
  5. Fees as listed on the Website are exclusive of taxes and expenses.


  1. Except for the rights granted hereunder, the Parties agree that all Intellectual Property Rights in the Software shall remain with TolaData.  
  2. Customer shall use the Software in accordance with the intended purpose of the Software, the provisions of this Agreement, in accordance with any applicable statues, laws, and/or regulations and within the agreed scope of the Software. Customer may not
  1. make the Software available in any manner to any third party for use in the third party’s business operations;
  2. modify, make derivative works of, disassemble, reverse compile, or reverse engineer any part of the Software, or access or
  3. use the Software in order to build or support, and/or assist a third party in building or supporting, products or services competitive to the Software;
  4. use the Software to distribute illegal content and/or content that infringes the rights of any third parties;
  5. license, sell, rent, lease, transfer, assign, distribute, display, host, outsource, disclose, or otherwise commercially exploit or make the Software available, to any third party.
  1. In case of a breach of Customer of this Clause 10 all rights granted by TolaData to Customer hereunder shall automatically and immediately revert to TolaData and any further use of the Software shall constitute an infringement of copyright.


  1. The services and Software provided by TolaData shall be substantially in accordance with the description in this Agreement and/or its Schedules attached hereto. Rights in case of defect shall be excluded in the case of minor or immaterial deviations from the agreed or assumed characteristics and in the case of just slight impairment of use.
  2. In case of defects of updated, upgraded or new versions, the right of defect shall be limited to the new features of the update, upgrade or new version of the Software compared to the previous version release.
  3. Customer shall immediately report to TolaData any defects of the Software.
  4. Customer’s claims against TolaData under this Agreement because of defects are subject to a limitation period of twelve (12) months starting with the first access to the Software.
  5. Any claims for damages are subject to the limitations set forth under Clause 13.
  6. The Parties may enter into a separate service level agreement. TolaData reserves the right to make such separate service level agreement mandatory for Customer.


  1. Each Party warrants to the other that:
  1. it has the requisite corporate authority to enter into this Agreement and perform its obligations under this Agreement, and this Agreement does not conflict with any other agreement or obligation by which it is bound; and
  2. it shall comply with all relevant laws and regulatory requirements, and obtain and maintain for the Term all permits and licenses applicable or necessary for the performance of its obligations under this Agreement.
  1. Notwithstanding the above, a Party shall promptly bring to the attention of the other, as the case may be, any information coming to its attention, that the provision of any part of the Software pursuant to this Agreement may infringe any Intellectual Property Rights, moral rights or other rights of a third party. In such event, the Parties shall mutually decide whether the provision of the Software or any part of them in question ought to be suspended until the matter is resolved.


  1. To the extent permitted by law, except as set forth below, in no event will the aggregate liability of TolaData for damages, direct or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with this Agreement exceed the total value of the fees paid and payable by Customer to TolaData for the applicable License Period prior to the date on which such liability arose, except that in the event that such liability arises at any time during the Initial Term, it will not exceed the total value of fees paid and payable by Customer to TolaData for the Initial Term.
  2. To the extent permitted by law, except as set forth below, any and all of Customer’s claims against TolaData under this Agreement are subject to a limitation period of twelve (12) months after the damage has occurred.
  3. TolaData shall only be liable for any loss or damages caused by willful intent (Vorsatz) or gross negligence (grobe Fahrlässigkeit), unless
  • in cases of damages that result from injury to life, body or health;
  • such loss or damage is caused by the infringement of a fundamental contractual duty by TolaData, which is indispensible for the duly execution of the contract and thereby jeopardizes the achievement of the contract purpose, whereas such loss or damage is limited to the foreseeable damage at the time of the infringement;
  • in case of liability provided by law, as under the Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz);
  • in cases of liability due to a guarantee.
  1. The limitations and/or restrictions of TolaData’s liability shall also apply to the personal liability of its legal representatives, officers, employees, assistants in performance and agents.


  1. Each Party shall comply with the applicable data protection laws. If required, the Parties shall enter into separate data processing agreement(s). TolaData’s Privacy Policy shall apply.
  2. TolaData shall be entitled to use the Customer’s data in the Software as well as related intellectual property rights and databases (the “Customer Data”) for the purpose of the use of the Software as well as for internal and marketing purposes in anonymized or pseudonymized form only, in particular, to improve the Software. Customer hereby grants TolaData the right to use such Customer Data for the purpose of using the Software as well as for internal and marketing purposes, in particular to improve the Software. This right includes but is not limited to the right to create statistics and best practices using such Customer Data and displaying such statistics and best practices in public and exploiting them commercially. For details please also see our Privacy Policy.
  3. This right to use such Customer Data according to Sub-Clause 14.2 shall survive the termination of the ToU and/or this Agreement.
  4. Customer warrants to TolaData, that such Customer Data may be used for the purposes set forth herein and the Privacy Policy. In particular, Customer warrants for complying with any applicable legal requirements, such as a legally valid consent by an individual for using such Customer Data. In the event of any damages arising from the use of such Customer Data by TolaData as set forth herein, Customer shall dispense (freistellen) TolaData from such damages, provided that Customer is responsible for respective breach (“Vertreten müssen”).


  1. Both Parties agree not to, and shall ensure that their employees, agents and advisors do not, disclose to third parties, nor use for any purpose other than as contemplated in this Agreement, any confidential or proprietary information arising or disclosed pursuant to this Agreement (including but not limited to the terms of this Agreement, the Parties’ trade secrets and information not generally known to the public such as business plans, strategies, practices, products, personnel and finances), except: (i) with the prior written permission of the Party to whom such information belongs; (ii) where the information is already known to, or obtained by independent means, or independently developed without reference to the other Party’s confidential information, by the recipient; (iii) is already in the public domain through no fault of the recipient; (iv) the recipient receives from a third person free to make such disclosure without breach of any legal obligation; or (v) the disclosure by both Parties to an affiliated company (in the meaning of sections 15 et seqq AktG) of either Party.
  2. This Clause 15 shall survive the termination of this Agreement for three (3) years after such termination. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a recipient may disclose confidential information of the other Party if required to do so by law, court order or request by any government or regulatory authority. In any of those events, the recipient will in advance and promptly inform the other Party about the requirement or respectively the request for disclosure.
  3. The Parties shall indemnify and hold each other harmless for any loss, damage, costs, expenses and liabilities that one party may suffer or incur as a result of a breach by the other party of the provisions of this Clause 15 (Confidentiality), if the respective Party is responsible for the respective breach (“Vertreten müssen”).


  1. In addition to any other remedy available at law or in equity, either Party may terminate this Agreement immediately upon written notice:  
  1. if the other Party breaches any warranty or material obligation of this Agreement and where such breach is curable fails to cure the breach within twenty (20) bank working days (Berlin) from the receipt of a written request to cure from the non-breaching Party; or
  2. if the other Party ceases or threatens to cease to carry on all or a substantial part of its business, or becomes insolvent, or makes an assignment for the benefit of its creditors, or a trustee or receiver is appointed for its business or the Party’s property, or an order is made for the winding up of it (other than for the purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction).
  1. TolaData shall be particularly entitled to immediately terminate this Agreement upon written notice if Customer is in default (“Verzug”) of payment of any fees for a period of more than six (6) weeks regarding annual payment of License Fee or 15 days regarding monthly payment of License Fee.
  2. Promptly upon termination of this Agreement and in any event within 30 days of termination each Party shall, if requested by the other Party, return or destroy all confidential and proprietary information referred to in Clause 15 (Confidentiality).
  3. The termination of this Agreement for any reason whatsoever shall not affect any rights or liabilities that have accrued prior to or upon termination, nor shall it affect any Clauses or Sub-Clauses which are intended expressly or impliedly to continue after termination.
  4. In case of the termination of the Agreement, any rights of use granted to Customer for the Software shall expire immediately and Customer shall cease to use the Software.
  5. In case of the effective termination of the Agreement, which has not been caused by the infringement of a contract duty of Customer, TolaData will refund any prepaid fees to Customer pro rata for the remaining time of the Term. In all other cases Customer cannot claim any refunds.
  6. Upon the end of the License Period and/or termination of this Agreement TolaData may – at its sole discretion – at least in text form (section 126b BGB) offer Customer the option for a ‘read-only’ access of the Admin Account of the Software, only displaying data of Customer before the respective end date without any option to further backup, download and/or edit, up to a maximum period of five (5) years after the respective end date of the License Period or termination date of this Agreement. In such event of a ‘read-only’ access Clause 4, 8, 13, 14, 15 18 and 19 of this Agreement shall apply mutatis mutandis.


A Party will not be liable to the other for any delay in or failure to perform its obligations as a result of any cause beyond its reasonable control. The Party so affected shall as soon as practicable:

  1. notify the other Party of such fact and of the period of its continuance and consequences which are expected; and
  2. take all reasonable action to minimise the consequences of the relevant events and to resume due performance of the obligations excused as soon as practicable.


  1. Unless otherwise agreed in this section, Customer may not assign any of its claims or rights under the Agreement or the entire Agreement without the prior written consent of TolaData.
  2. A License does not cover products or business entities, including employees, acquired by Customer after acquiring the respective License. If Customer wishes to expand the License for such new products and/or entities, the Parties need to adjust the License conditions and fees accordingly in advance.  
  3. In the event that Customer sells a part of its company, Customer is allowed to assign the current License to the new owner of the divested entity in order for it to continue to use the Software for the remaining time of the current Term, but Customer remains responsible for the duly execution of the respective License.
  4. TolaData shall be entitled to assign its rights and duties under the Agreement, either in whole or in part, without prior consent, to any other entity. In the event of such an assignment TolaData will remain fully responsible for the conduct of the assignee.


  1. Notice details: All notices by TolaData to Customer will be delivered to the addresses given during the registration process on the Website and within the Admin Account with functions amended from time to time. All notices by Customer to TolaData shall be made via the Admin Account or, only if such function is not available through the Admin Account, via email to info@toladata.com.  
  2. Notices will be effective upon receipt if personally delivered, or on the third bank working day (Berlin) following the date of mailing or emailing.  Any change of address of a Party will be promptly communicated in writing to the other Party. A Party may change its address for notice by providing written notice of such change to the other Party pursuant to this Sub-Clause 19.1.
  3. Costs. Each Party shall bear its own costs in connection with the execution of this Agreement and in relation to the fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement.
  4. Modification of the Terms and Conditions of Use: TolaData may at any time revise or modify the provisions in these Terms of Use with prospective effect. TolaData will notify the Customer in text form of any modification of these Terms of Use, without having to transmit or otherwise provide information about the modified terms and conditions in detail or a revised version thereof; notification of the fact that they were modified as such and provision of a link to the updated Terms of Use are sufficient. If the Customer does not object to such modification(s) within two weeks after having been notified of such modification(s), this will be deemed as the Customer’s approval thereof; TolaData will point this out in the notice of such modification.“
  5. No provision of this Agreement may be waived except by an instrument in writing signed by the Party against whom the waiver is to be effective. If an instrument is delivered by any means of telecommunication, it shall only be deemed to be written, if the delivered copy bears the signature of the issuer. The failure of either Party at any time or times to require full performance of any provision of this Agreement will in no manner affect the right of such Party at a later time to enforce the same.
  6. Written notice. A (i) written instrument signed by the respective Party and delivered by letter, scan (email) or fax to the other Party or (ii) a notice made to the contact details pursuant to Sub-Clause 19.1 shall each be deemed a written notice within the meaning of this Agreement;
  7. Severability.  If any of the provisions of this Agreement should be or become invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part for whatever reason, including a violation of any laws applicable to it, the validity of the other provisions hereof is not affected. In that case the invalid or unenforceable provision is deemed to be replaced by such valid and enforceable provision or arrangement that corresponds as closely as possible to the invalid or unenforceable provision and to the parties’ economic aims pursued by and reflected in this Agreement. The same applies in the event that this Agreement does not contain a provision necessary to achieve the economic purpose as expressed herein (Regelungslücke).
  8. Entire Agreement. This Agreement contains the Parties’ entire understanding and supersedes all prior agreements in connection with the subject matter of this Agreement.
  9. Schedules; Priority of documents. Any annex or Schedule attached hereto shall become an integral part of this Agreement. If an annex and/or Schedule is left blank or is missing, this Agreement (and its remaining annexes or Schedules) shall remain effective. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms of this Agreement and those in a Schedule, the latter shall prevail.
  10. Controlling Law, Place of Jurisdiction. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding any conflict of law rules as well as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Both Parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Berlin.