KoboToolbox and TolaData for easy data collection and analysis

Follow our 4 simple steps to import your collected data from KoboToolbox into TolaData for effective analysis and easy reporting

Many organisations in the humanitarian and development sector are using data collection and management tools like KoBo Toolbox. With its offline feature, KoBo Toolbox allows users to collect and store data offline, which comes in handy in challenging environments and demanding contexts.

But the journey of your data does not end there. Your data has to be linked to indicators and results framework for deeper analysis and to ultimately inform your decision-making process. This is where TolaData comes in. TolaData is a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) platform. Our versatile toolkit including a form builder feature, as well as integration functionality with 3rd party tools such as KoBo Toolbox, makes data collection, analysis and reporting easy and effective.

Collect your data with

Design forms and customise them according to your project’s needs on KoboToolbox. Download KoboCollect app on your phone or other mobile devices and collect data anytime and anywhere, online or offline.

Connect KoboToolbox to TolaData via API

When your data is ready for import, connect your KoboToolbox account to TolaData via API, using your KoboToolbox API token. Once the two platforms are connected, import as many data sets as needed.

Link your imported data to relevant indicators

Take advantage of TolaData’s end-to-end indicator management and results framework features to track your project’s real progress and identify issues that are causing delays or unexpected results.

IATI publishing and reporting made easy

Visualise, share and analyse your results

Use TolaData’s configurable dashboards to visualise your most up-to-date information in the form of charts, graphs narratives and images. Share your dashboards with your project team, donors and stakeholders for easy analysis.

Integrate your existing solutions with TolaData

TolaData integrates seamlessly with most data solutions that you use. You can simply connect them to one another and import your existing data sets into the platform without any hassle.

Direct imports via API

Imports via CSV

We’d like to relieve you of the burden of complex data collection process so that you can channel your time, energy and resources towards performing more important tasks, like analysing and reporting on the data you’ve collected.

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