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Do much more with your data with Track

When it comes to getting your datasets ready for analysis and reporting, Track has your back. Explore how Track processes data like no other through the following features.

Track integrates with multiple external solutions, giving you access to all your data in one place. You can do the same in reverse: Keep your data live on our platform, then export it to Google Sheets and other tools through REST API or JSON feed.

Track prepares high-quality and accurate data so that you don’t have to spend copious amounts of time doing so manually and run the risk of error.

Pull fresh data from your external sources into Track without missing a beat.

Bring your existing data together with ease

Import data from multiple sources and formats into one place. Simply connect your Google Drive, MS OneDrive, ONA or JSON feed to Track and enjoy full traceability of your program data from the results back to the evidence base.

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Track IM - squares group

Cleaner and more accurate data is now within reach

Now that you’ve merged your data in Track, what’s next? Track cleans and edits your data to remove errors and identify outliers, giving you precisely what you need to analyse and report on it.

Automate your data imports for efficient workflow

Whenever new data gets fed into your project, update it either daily or weekly in Google Sheets without having to lift a finger. Of course, you can also connect your datasets with your indicators to monitor the latter’s progress.

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Experience TolaData first-hand from one of our specialists.

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