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8 July 2020 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • NEW Project team role: Data Entry User. We have created a new role for project teams that has permission between Edit User and View only User. This role can see all the data of a project they are assigned to but the only edit access they have is to import data and report results for indicators. Full details of all our user roles and their permissions are available in the help centre: https://www.toladata.com/docs/quick-start-guide/manage-team-members/
  • NEW Print dashboards feature. All dashboards can now be printed or saved as PDF by clicking the print icon in the top right corner.
  • Edit users can only delete data they created themselves. Previously deleting data was restricted to admin roles. We have now extended the permissions so that edit users and data entry users are able to edit and delete data that they input themselves. This allows users to correct errors in their own reported results but still not edit or delete the reported results of another user.
  • Sites management. We have made improvements to how the global library of sites are managed for an organisation so that only the Org Admin can see the full global library and delta sites. This is the first step towards even more enhancements in how sites and stakeholders will be managed across the platform.


  • Permissions: we have reviewed the permission settings across the platform, tweaking and updating them to ensure they are aligned to our permission model in all locations. Full details of our user roles and permissions can be found here: https://www.toladata.com/docs/quick-start-guide/manage-team-members/
  • To clarify the purpose of the field, we have renamed the field called “Sort” to “Order” in the results framework. Watch this tutorial for more information on how to use this feature: https://youtu.be/3_-dDJAE17M 
  • Corrected the bug in the CSV import modal that displayed numbers in the preview as European format even if standard format was selected.  
  • Clean up in various features to ensure no errors occur when data includes special characters
  • Various small fixes and improvements to formatting in dashboard widgets
  • WFL2/3 progress field to display in list as blank by default
  • Remove “awaiting approval” and “not approved” options in the WFL2/3 “progress” dropdown
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