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8 April 2020 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • Forms: added a new question type to collect percentage data
  • Approvals: Link for summary view of Approvals added to the WFL2 (activities) overview page
  • WFL2 (Activities): added tooltips to all the icons in the list view
  • Disaggregations: applied permission controls so that only Org Admins can create, edit or delete organization wide disaggregation types, and only Project Admins and Org Admins can create, edit or delete project level disaggregation types
  • Collected data CSV export: added the ‘Identifier’ field to the export


  • Collected data: fixes to the character limits on certain fields, fixes to ensure data accuracy when disaggregations are input or updated
  • Indicators: fixed bug that prevented setting targets with decimals for percentage indicators, added data validation on percentage fields
  • Results framework: clean up and improvements to the associated indicator view for results 
  • WFL1 teams: small fixes and improvement sot eh adding of users to a project team
  • Various fixes across the platform to data display of many characters as well as new tooltips.
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