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7 October 2020 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • Indicators: Added a new field to record the date a baseline was collected/measured on the indicator form
  • NEW IATI CSV Export for Results with Periodic Targets: Added a new IATI export file that downloads all projects and their results broken down by periodic targets
  • WFL2 Approvals: we have changed the “approval decision” field to be non editable after the first (and only) decision is submitted to ensure this feature meets audit requirements.
  • WFL1 documents: this list is now grouped according to the source of the document (ie. Project level, Activity level or from Collected data evidence)


  • Fixed issue where phases added at WFL1 level were not being saved.
  • Fixes to the WFL 2/3 list to ensure that user defined order is retained.
  • Fixed the scrolling issue for buttons on number fields 
  • Various fixes and enhancements to CSV export in datatables and for IATI export files.
  • Checked consistency of number formats across the platform
  • Various optimisations to the widget creation modal on dashboards
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