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31 July 2019 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • CSV import modal: when you import a CSV file there is now a pop up box that shows you what data the system is reading from your file and in what format it will be imported. Users can check, and if necessary change, the import format to ensure data imports correctly (eg. as text, numbers, percentage, decimal, currency, etc)
  • Dashboard sharing: dashboards can now be shared with the whole team of a program. This is in addition to sharing with individual users or the entire organization.
  • Activity Approvals: the approvals section on activities has been enhanced so that approvals are now an auditable record, with the name of the user and date stamp of the approval recorded automatically.
  • Document Links (Activities and Indicator result evidence): users can now add evidence from any cloud file server by inputting the file URL 
  • Example program: automatically added to all new organization accounts

BETA Version (not available publicly, please contact us for a demo or to test)

  • Portfolios
    • Ability to create portfolios and add programs
    • Ability to set permission for who can view a portfolio
    • Aggregation of project sites from linked programs with map display 


  • Issues in disaggregation types
  • Deleting results framework level deletes the indicators associated with that level
  • CSV import modal
    • Reorder elements in the types dropdown
    • Change the radio button to show selection more clearly
    • Related: Values from datatables divided /100 in percentage indicators
  • Approvals on Activities 
    • Disable possibility for self-approval by the user who creates the approval request
  • Indicator evidence 
    • Fix issue with evidence column (indicators) not displaying name of data table
  • Forms: Cascading dropdown in preview mode
  • Dashboards
    • Every Org admin and user linked to a Wfl1 team able to create a dashboard with widgets
    • Fix issues with landing page and widget creation on reload
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