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27 August 2019 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • Document Links (Activities document tab): users can add evidence from any cloud file server by inputting the file URL 

BETA Version (not yet available publicly, please contact us for a demo or to test)

  • Portfolios
    • Ability to create portfolio indicators
    • Ability to link indicators from WFL1s to portfolio indicator and aggregate results


  • WFL2 (Activities) Approvals: user who created the approval task cannot self-approve.
  • Dashboards: When widgets are created for indicators that have no collected data yet, the chart will show with zero actuals against the target.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed issue that if a WFL1 name contains a special character (eg. & / % etc) then indicators do not display for that WFL1.
  • Fixed the issue that if a data table from a TolaData form has a [dot] in the header calculations can’t be performed.
  •  Security/permission fixes: Ensure users can only access tables of WFL1s they belong to
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