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25 August 2020 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • NEW Periodic Targets: you can now set periodic targets (annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly) for indicators on the ‘Targets and disaggregations’ tab.
  • NEW Results Summary: this tab has been updated to show periodic target results and also results over time for all collected data even if no periodic targets have been set.
  • NEW WFL1 Documents: links to documents in cloud file servers and URLs can now be added at WFL1 level. All documents linked to WFL2 and collected data of that WFL1 will also be displayed in this list.
  • NEW Stakeholders Global List: Org Admins will now have a list of all stakeholders for their organisation so they can manage stakeholders across all projects, as they do for sites.
  • NEW Portfolio Indicator CSV Export: CSV export of the list of a portfolio’s indicators with their aggregated results and targets.
  • Portfolio: added a column in the portfolio indicator list to show how many WFL1 indicators are linked.


  • Fixed timezone issue where collected data displayed in local time of viewer, not the original date/time input
  • Data tables: 
    • Various fixes to CSV import feature to optimise performance.
    • Added a message for user when the data table from a Tola form has no data in it yet.
  • WFL2/3: some fixes to the functionality of the drag and drop feature
  • Indicators: 
    • after saving user will now stay on the indicator form rather than returning to the indicator plan view
    • Collected data: Increased the length of the fields for Data source and Data column so longer data set names and column headers can be read.
  • IATI-CSV export “Details”: Removed HTML/CSS tags from field “description” 
  • Change default storage of numeric fields, if left blank to be blank not 0
  • Various other small bug fixes and enhancements to field names for clarity.
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