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24 March 2020 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • Indicator collected data:
    • New export feature for collected data. Export to a CSV file using the export icon in the top right above the collected data list.
    • Added a field “Identifier” for collected data so results can be tagged and collected data lists more easily reviewed
    • New icon in the collected data list view that indicates if there is disaggregated data associated with the result.
  • Results framework: new indicator icon in the result boxes of the results framework which displays the associated indicators from the indicator plan and their current actuals vs targets.
  • Indicator plan: when user hovers over the results name in indicator plan list the description from the results framework will be displayed
  • Approvals: summary of all approvals and their status for a WFL1 (project)


  • Results framework: increased the character limit for the name and description fields
  • Portfolios: various small enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Decimal places: Corrected places where four decimals were displayed instead of two
  • User management: bug fixes and improvements to user management in admin console and WFL1 teams
  • Data accuracy: ensured that deleting collected data on an indicator updates correctly across the platform.
  • Clean up of language, display and field names across the platform

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