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22 May 2020 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • NEW Indicator plan download: indicator plans can now be downloaded to CSV format with latest actuals vs targets for all indicators to support transfer of results to reporting templates, logframes, etc.
  • NEW Activity plan download: activity plans can now be downloaded to CSV format 
  • NEW Project approval summary download: summary of all project approvals and their status can now be downloaded to CSV format 
  • Additional data in indicator collected data download: added additional columns to the CSV download file for the collected data results of an indicators, ‘Notes’ and ‘Sites’
  • IATI data fields: we are building the necessary features to support IATI reporting from TolaData. Phase 1 involved mapping of all TolaData fields of the IATI schema and adding 4 critical identifier fields (corresponding IATI field in brackets):
    • Project reference code (Activity identifier)
    • Project status (Activity status)
    • Stakeholder code (Participating org identifier code)
    • Organisation ID code (Organisation identifier)


  • Disaggregation value order: fixed the issue where the disaggregation values were not displaying in the same order they were entered.  
  • Dashboard widgets for indicators: optimisation of the data flow and update speed to ensure changes to the underlying indicators are reflected immediately on the dashboards.

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