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16 July 2020 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • NEW IATI Report downloads: four more CSV export options have been added to the Admin Console, in line with IATI reporting requirements:
    • All WFL1s of an organisation
    • All Countries of operation 
    • All sites / locations of work 
    • All stakeholders / participating organisations
  • Dashboards: added the option to hide target values in portfolio widget type “Total Actuals vs Targets, absolute values”
  • Portfolio aggregated target: a new field has been added to portfolio indicators that shows the aggregated value of the targets of the linked WFL1 indicators, so this can be compared to the portfolio indicator target
  • Datatables: added a tooltip feature column headers will be displayed in full when user covers over them


  • Forms: updated to permission to ensure all teams members can see all forms for a WFL1, published and unpublished.
  • Clean up across the platform to ensure the number formatting is displayed according to the configured settings in the admin console.
  • Added a warning message when deleting a site that is linked to a WFL1
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