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13 September 2019 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • Portfolios: this feature is now live!
    • Group projects together and aggregate their results to track your organisation’s progress against strategic targets.
    • Compare the progress of activities from different projects to determine where exactly the resources need to be invested. 
    • Projects can belong to multiple portfolios, giving you the flexibility to view your impact geographically, by sector, by donor, by partner or any other criteria you may choose.
  • Activities (WFL2):
    • Progress: additional option added to drop down of “not approved”
    • Documents: a date stamp is shown for when a document link was added to a WFL2


  • Results framework: fixed the issue where editing a result sometimes opened the form to create a new result instead of the details of the existing result.
  • Percentage indicators: fix to ensure values always pull correctly
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