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12 May 2020 – TolaData Release Notes

New features:

  • Portfolio indicator charts on dashboards: we’ve added a new type of widget to our dashboards to visualise the aggregated results from portfolios. There are two chart options available:
    • Total Actual vs Target (absolute values)
    • Total Actual vs Target (% achieved)
  • Print dashboards to PDF: we have updated the layout of the public dashboard view so that when you print to PDF you can create a clean PDF version of a whole dashboard
  • Option to hide target values from charts: users can now choose whether they want the target values to be displayed or not in a chart, allowing you to create charts that just display the Actuals to date.
  • Set date range for Total Actuals vs Targets (absolute values) chart: users can now set a date range to limit the results that are displayed to only those collected during a specified period.
  • Added more hints and tooltips


  • Dashboard date range filters: bug fixes on the date range filter for time based charts.
  • Dashboard permissions: fixed the issue where a user couldn’t see all the data on a dashboard that was shared with them if they weren’t a team member of the WFL1s (projects) where the data was sourced from
  • Permissions: reviewed permission settings for the WFL1 roles and user status to ensure consistent implementation across the platform
  • Clean up of various small items in field names, layout, display formats, etc
  • Range of small fixes and enhancements to improve performance, especially on dashboards.

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