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Add disaggregation types

To analyze your results in broader perspective, you can add more sets of variables to your indicators, which are called ‘Disaggregations.’ Some examples include – within a group of individuals, how many are female or male? Or, which age or salary group they belong to?

To add a disaggregation, first select an indicator. Then, select the ‘Targets & disaggregations’ tab. Standard disaggregation types used by your organisation is applied to your indicator by default. You can remove or edit these as needed.

If you wish to add a new disaggregation type then click on ‘Add new disaggregation,’ fill out the ‘Disaggregation type,’ ‘Availability,’ ‘Field 1’ and ‘Field 2’ and hit ‘Save.’

Availability – here you can define if the disaggregation should be applied to only this specific indicator,  to every indicator in this specific program (Work Flow Level 1), or to all indicators in an organisational level.

Field 1, Field 2, etc – these are the values you want to disaggregate by. For example, for gender you might enter Female as field 1 and Male as field 2. You can add additional fields by clicking on ‘Add new field.’

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