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See the bigger picture with Portfolios

Group projects together and track the impact they are helping to create

How can organisations investing in a range of different projects across multiple sites and categories measure their overall performance and impact?

Our portfolio feature will help you go beyond individual project tracking to see the bigger picture. Get a bird’s eye view on how your key initiatives are performing on a local, national or global level. Set indicators and targets on each portfolio to get a sense of how close or far the projects are towards accomplishing the portfolio goal. Leverage the full potential of your interventions and create the meaningful impact your organisation has set out to achieve.

Group projects together

Tie relevant projects together by theme, focus area, donors, partners, regions or any other classification that makes sense to your organisation. Create a separate portfolio for each group of projects you want to track together. Projects and their indicators can belong to multiple portfolios, giving you the flexibility to view your aggregated impact by location, sector, theme or any other criteria you require.

Track indicators across different projects

Set indicators and targets for each portfolio. Each portfolio can have as many portfolio indicators as you wish. Link the project indicators that contribute to your respective portfolio indicator and aggregate the contributions from your projects in real-time. You’ll always have the latest figures on hand to track your organisation’s actual progress against the set goals.

View project sites on a map

Portfolio automatically visualises the sites of all your active projects on one map, providing you with a clear view of where each project is being implemented. Plus, with full access to each project’s details right at your fingertips, you can always find the information you are looking for.

From tracking multiple projects to delivering greater impacts

Portfolios are effective tools for your organisation to track and monitor the real-time progress of multiple interventions in one place. They take out the hassle of having to repeatedly aggregate your data in different ways to get the analyses you require for the variety of objectives you have to report against.

Portfolios help you stay focused on your goals and objectives, address issues and risks as they arise, allocate resources effectively, leading to the delivery of greater impact. Share findings from your impact measurement with colleagues, donors and stakeholders to foster collaboration and learning while ensuring transparency and accountability at all times.

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