The intelligent solution for organisations to manage their Programs and
Tasks, set up and track  Indicators, build Forms and Report in real time.


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Capture key aspects of your programs

  • Fill in all the relevant information about your program and attach key documents
  • Create a results framework to show how your activities and outputs will deliver the program’s goals and objectives
  • Plan your projects, detailing the activities, budgets and timelines in a work breakdown structure
  • Map your project sites and plot data collection points as your project progresses

Define objectives and align them to specific indicators

What do you wish to accomplish with your program? List them out and track their progress through our indicators. We bridge the gap between data collection and evidence-based, adaptive program management.

Define the milestones for your project’s success

Identify key accomplishments throughout your program’s lifespan by setting up milestones that mark the start and end of each program phase.

  • Charts your program’s progress over time
  • Summarises the program activities completed within the milestone dates you’ve set
APm - Mobile belts

Define your team and stakeholders for any program you are running

Keep yourself up to date with your team members’ progress on their respective programs, even when they’re spread out across different locations.

  • Define team member roles
  • Request project approval
  • Assign tasks to people

Stay on top of your activities with our task board


Add more info to your activities with our modules


Link key documents related to the activity from Google Drive or other cloud storage drives.

Move and group tasks

Assign tasks to your team members, group these tasks together or reorder them the way you see fit.


View your activities
against a timeline

Enter the start and end dates of your program into TolaData to display your activities on a timelinecreating a helpful visualisation of your activities across the project life cycle.

APm - Mobile belts

Create your results framework and stay on top of
your program goals


Plan and measure impact, goals, output and results

Understand how your activities contribute to your program goals at all levels.

Measure success in your programs with the help of indicators


Real-time updates on your indicator results tell you how far you’ve come along in your program activities. They’re a useful way to know if you’re meeting your targets or falling behind on them.


From the “baseline” (or starting values) of each indicator, set a Life of Program (LOP) target you’d like to achieve for that indicator and track its progress each time data is gathered.


Determine how often you’d like to collect data for each indicator by setting periodic targets. You can also set the frequency for how often you’d like to report data from your indicator results to the donor or management team.


To add data to your indicators, simply link them up with the data sets you’ve saved in CSV files or as a file on Google Drive or MS OneDrive.

Whether they’re Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets, TolaData imports data from these sources, cleans and analyses it for easy reporting. The same goes for data gathered on mobile data collection tools like ONA or Kobo Toolbox, which you can import in real-time.


Find out how your indicators are performing through the targets versus actuals reports and visuals, which you can drill down by sector or program and filter by time for convenient monthly or quarterly reporting to the donor or management team.

Collect and evaluate data like never before


Create forms to gather the specific types of data you need

With our integrated form builder, you can create customised forms containing fields which are tailored to your project’s needs.

Field types include:

  • Number input
  • Email input
  • Date input
  • Webpage URL or link input
  • Open-ended text fields
  • Multiple-choice selection

Save and replicate forms for future use

Store your custom forms in our form library, make copies whenever you need them, and share them with data collectors.

  • Standardises best practices for forms
  • Saves time and promotes efficiency

Visualise your data and stay on top of all your programs

See your data in charts and graphs.

Build your own dashboard to keep tabs on specific programs, key indicators and milestones to help you stay in the loop of what’s going on.

Why work with outdated versions of data when you can have the latest at your fingertips?

View data by location and see it mapped out before your eyes.

Create custom reports that meet your needs

Decide what to display your personal dashboards in just a few clicks. See a list of programs in your organisation, get an organisation level view of all your program data, and if you wish to find out more about a specific program, simply click on its name for more information.


Get an overview of your project budgets and actuals

Spending money wisely is key to the success of any project. Keep track of how much (or how little!) you’re spending out of your budget at every activity level with our bar charts, to avoid overspending or underspending.

Compare your target vs. actual performance

The best thing about measuring your target versus actual performance in bar charts is visualising how much progress you’ve made in your project. Or how much more you have to go.


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